Open Doors Outdoors 

Opening doors of hearts, minds and bodies in the outdoors!

The Outdoors are healing and restoring lives

Time outdoors changes people’s nervous systems,” says UC Berkeley psychology professor Dacher Keltner, “It is as effective as any PTSD intervention we have.”

“We hope to make public lands part of a common healthcare prescription,” Stacy Bare, Sierra Club Outdoors director. 

“We found that nature decreases the trauma response, improves cognitive function, and promotes healing,” Razani says. “Our study showed that park visits increase resilience in children. It doesn’t take away the adversity in their lives but it buffers stress. Hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate normalize in nature.” Nooshin Razani is a pediatrician and director of the Center for Nature and Health at Children’s Hospital Oakland in California.

ODO Mission

To take Veterans, their families and young people into the outdoors for re-connection, healthy activity and healing.  

How Can You Help?

The cost to provide a one day outing is $125 per participant. Donations pay 100% of the costs for all program participants. Participants will be provided guided adventures, transportation to and from locations and meals.

You can help in a couple ways:

  1. You can give a one-time donation or a monthly commitment of any size to go towards expenses.
  2. You can sponsor a Veteran(s) or young person(s) in need for one or more adventures!
  3. You can approach your employer or others on our behalf for donations.

The Bridge of ODO

A bridge is intended to form a connection between two things. The bridge of ODO was originally built around 1780 and is hidden on a back road in an old farming community. The locals say when you cross that bridge something beautiful happens... and it does. Crossing over you shift from a busy, cluttered place into a place where your mind is opened to an old way of life, a natural way of life. Whether wading through a brook or climbing the tallest mountain in New England, Open Doors Outdoors will help take participants over "bridges" in nature that will open doors in their hearts, minds and bodies. These bridges will help them recharge and regroup to head back to their life with a new found peace and confidence.

ODO Operations

Operation: Case Mountain 

Tallest mountain in Manchester, Connecticut 

Elevation: 744'
Round Trip: 2.8 Miles
Mountain range: The Manchester Mountains

Leave Base: 0800
Arrive Trail head: 0830
Summit: 0930
Return Trail head: 1000
Return to base: 1030

Operation: Mount Greylock

Tallest mountain in Massachusetts

Elevation: 3,491′
Round Trip: 4.8 Miles
Mountain range: The Berkshires Mountains

Leave Base: 0800

Arrive Trail head: 1000

Summit: 1145

Return Trail head: 1245

Return to base: 1500

Operation: Mount Monadnock

Most climbed mountain in North America

Elevation: 3,166′
Round Trip: 4 Miles
Location: Jaffrey, New Hampshire

Leave Base: 0800
Arrive Trail head: 1000
Summit: 1145
Return Trail head: 1245
Return to base: 1500

Operation: Mount Washington

Tallest mountain in New Hampshire

Elevation: 6,289′
Round Trip: 7.9 Miles
Location: Gorham, New Hampshire

Leave Base: Night Before 
Arrive Trail head: 0700  
Summit: 1100 
Return Trail head: 1600
Return to base: 2100

Board of Directors

Brenden Healy


Code name: Money Man

Father of 5 and committed to his community. Brenden is a Tax Partner at Whittlesey and loves spending time outdoors with his wife and kids. His financial expertise and commitment to helping others will take ODO and it's participants into adventures for many years to come!

Ray Long


Code Name: Ray Man
Father of two wonderful girls and husband to the incomparable Carolyn, Ray is a long-time hiker, runner and triathlete with a passion for travel, the outdoors and the environment. Ray’s day job is Senior Vice President for external affairs at Clearway Energy Group, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the United States, where he is responsible for public policy and advocacy. When Ray is not working or running, he’s usually traveling with his family. 

Matthew Mund

Activities and Fitness

Code Name: Fit Man

Matt is a proud father of 2 and resides in Glastonbury CT with his wife Megan. He owns mission FITNESS where the goal is to help each member find their path to their best self. Through commitment, hard work, consistency, healthy lifestyle and a motivating support system all of us can achieve whatever we set our minds to.

Mark Guasta

Safety and Protocol

Code Name: Safety Man

Mark was the superintendent at Hartford Detention Center with the Judicial Department. He retired after 21 years with the State of Connecticut and now sells personal and business insurance. He lives in Glastonbury with his wife Tina and three children. He enjoys hiking with the family and playing golf with friends.

Amy Edwards

Curriculum Director

Code Name: The Teacher

12 Time Ironman Finisher, Kona Ironman World Championship qualifier and White Mountain hiker. Amy is passionate about education in the traditional classroom as well as in the outdoors. In addition to her years of experience teaching language arts, Amy is a multi-sport coach, guiding triathletes and runners for the past 9 years. Amy enjoys being in nature, and reading a good book in front of a fire.

Davey Edwards


Codename: Jarhead

Served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and worked as a Mortgage Banker for 12 years. A father of 3 amazing children and an ultra runner. Davey has completed the Tahoe 200 Endurance Run, multiple other 50 to 100 mile foot races and has accumulated over a 1000 miles on the Appalachian Trail (AT). His passions are his faith, family and sharing the outdoor life! Wilderness First Aid Certified (WFA)


This organization would be at a loss to serve without our volunteers who share their experiences and passion for life with others.

Matt Freiman

Matt is a Combat Veteran having served in Afghanistan and is passionate about helping Veterans. Loves training and running ultra marathons with his wife and being in the outdoors!

Keith Morgan

Keith is a Air Force and Army Veteran that bravely served in Bosnia. He is passionate about being a  dad, helping Veterans and hiking the Green Mountains of Vermont!

Jesse Santostefano

We’re proud to have Air Force Field Combat Communications Veteran Jesse on board as an ODO volunteer. He served in Afghanistan in 09, 11-12, puts family first and loves all things outdoors!

 Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Kona Lee is a gentle Labrador Retriever that will be present at any adventure will she will be helpful to all participants!

ODO Vision

The vision of this non profit is to help Veterans, their families and young people get "unstuck" by exposing them to the outdoors. The founder, Davey Edwards, is a Marine Veteran. Dealing with trauma is not an easy thing for anyone to do. During one of the more challenging times in his life he was encouraged to complete a program provided by the VA and has never regretted that decision. In addition, he has always been amazed by the power of getting outdoors and how that has helped to clear his mind, help him refocus and ultimately restore a sense of confidence. Always looking for opportunities to give back and to help people get back on their feet, Davey established Open Doors Outdoors. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization it was founded with the mission to share outdoor adventures with Veterans, their families and young people. Open Doors Outdoors (ODO) will bring Veterans in the area on hiking "operations" throughout New England, take young people exploring local woodlands while learning about wildlife and bring families together for a time of sharing in the outdoors. Through events like these, ODO seeks to help folks to find some peace, refocus, be challenged and have a lot of fun in the process. We will be providing our dedicated group of donors with periodic newsletters and access to our closed-group Facebook page. We want you to be part of our family and to share in the experience you are helping to create for others. 

ODO Supporters

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Do you have any questions? Is there a Veteran or young person that you'd like to sponsor?

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